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The 10 Best Things I Consumed in 2021

What can I say about 2021? In many respects, it was a little better than 2020. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s to not take anything for granted and to not forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. And on the subject of simple pleasure, here is my annual list of the ten best things I consumed and posted about this year. I hope you enjoy. Happy New Year!

Crispy Ramen Egg from Afuri Ramen

10. Crispy Ramen Egg from Afuri Ramen. This is egg-ceptional.

“The Danny Boy” Porkstrami Sandwich from The Bad Jew stall at Smorgasburg

9. “The Danny Boy” Porkstrami Sandwich from The Bad Jew (at Smorgasburg). Some may say “oy vey” but I say “hooray” to this delicious pork pastrami that is certainly not kosher.

Chocolate Chess Pie from Goldburger

8. Chocolate Chess Pie from Goldburger. Checkmate!

Parmesan Crusted Halibut with Grilled Asparagus and Beurre Blanc from Porta Via

7. Parmesan Crusted Halibut from Porta Via. The math doesn’t always work, but in this case fish plus cheese equals awesome.

“The William Mae” Fried Chicken Tender Sandwich with HiHo Pickles, Organic Honey & Slaw Sauce and Purple Cabbage from HiHo Cheeseburger

6. “The Willie Mae” Fried Chicken Tender Sandwich from HiHo Cheeseburger. Who knew a chicken sandwich at one of LA’s top burger joints would be this amazing. HiHo is certainly no one trick pony.

Sticky Glazed Pork Shank with Shitake, Honeynut Squash, Hoison Mayo, Hot Mustard, Naan and Lettuce Cups from Girl & the Goat

5. Sticky Glazed Pork Shank from Girl & the Goat. Girl & the Goat is the best Chicago import since Cracker Jack, and this delectable take on on a Korean Ssam is my favorite dish on the menu.

Bacon-wrapped Dates stuffed with Parmesan from AOC

4. Bacon-wrapped Dates stuffed with Parmesan from AOC. Chef Suzanne Goin has been serving these incredibly addictive, salty and sweet morsels for almost two decades and I have been consuming them for just as long.

Zucchini Chips with Herbed Yogurt from Greekman’s

3. Zucchini Chips with Herbed Yogurt from Greekman’s. Q: What is a zucchini’s favorite sport? A: Squash. The Zucchini Chips at Greekman’s are significantly better than that joke. In fact, they’re pretty f-ing amazing! Easily the best vegetable dish I consumed this year.

Trout Almondine from Petit Trois

2. Trout Almondine from Petit Trois.  I’m nuts about this dish!

Strawberry Donut from The Donut Man

1. Strawberry Donut from The Donut Man. These are slightly tart, wonderfully sweet and perfectly glazed. And the good news is you don’t have to drive all the way to Glendora anymore as they are now also made and sold downtown in Grand Central Market. It’s my favorite thing that I consumed and posted about this year.

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Bubbe Chic

Dining at Freedman's is like eating at your Jewish grandmother's house, except Bubbe has upped her food game and is throwing a dinner party for Eastside hipsters. The chopped liver is a mousse with figs and hazelnuts.  The latkes are shaped like Belgian waffles. And the to-die-for glazed brisket is cut tableside with an electric knife by a heavily tatted and mustachioed man. 

Freedman's has a fun bubbe chic vibe with spectacular vintage wallpaper and olde tyme light fixtures.  An impressively stocked bar serves cocktails named "Deli Calling" (Future Gin, Orange Liqueur, Yellow Mustard, Lemon, Cel-Ray and Herbs) and "Full Sour" (Aquavit, Dry Vermouth and Pickle Brine).  To end your meal, the traditional black and white deli cookie has been reimagined with fudge and toasted marshmallow. It will have you kvelling!

Freedman's is located at 2619 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles (in Silver Lake).

A fish carafe of water on every table
Pastrami Reuben with house-cured pastrami
Matzo Ball Soup
Chicken Liver with Fig and Hazelnut
Potato Latke with Cured Ocean Trout and Creme Fresh
Grilled Gem Salad with Chicken Skin Breadcrumbs and Bottarga
Gnocchi Parisienne with English Peas, Horseradish and Mint
Black and White Cookie with Fudge and Toasted Marshmallow
Guava Cheesecake (inspired by Bubbe’s trip to Hawaii?)
The wallpaper is phenomenal

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