Holy Chicken Balls!

Sorry, Nom Nom Truck. I have a new food truck obsession.  The Ludotruck, the newest venture of local celebrity chef Ludo Lafebvre (of Ludo Bites and Top Chef Masters fame), serves fried chicken and biscuits like you’ve never tasted before!  What to order:  you can get three different kinds of chicken (and you can get a combo that comes with all three), but my favorite is the Provencal Pepitte, which are juicy boneless chicken balls infused with rosemary and herbs de provence and prepared using a special three days process.  Also excellent are the Honey Lavander Biscuits and the Ludo Slaw.  How to find it:  the easiest way is the schedule posted on the Ludotruck Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ludotruck.

The truck with the big red coq

Each type of chicken with dipping sauce and slaw


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  1. doug levy

    Howard,,great job!! Very informative and I love the pictures as well. You just made me extremely hungry.

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