The Maine Event

The Kennedy’s are back in the news! Time for a little taste of Hyannis Port (it was either that this week or my recommendation for Austrian food in LA and I’m still in search of a good place for Schnitzel). So I headed over to the Lobsta Truck and waited in line for over a half hour.  Was it worth it?  Hell yeah! It’s Wicked Awesome!

The concept is simple:  The Lobsta Truck serves succulent Lobster Rolls and Crab Rolls with your choice of butter or seasoned mayo on traditional split top buns.  The lobster and crab are flown in from New England a few times a week, as are the split top buns, so everything tastes really fresh.  The also serve Clam Chowder, which was good not great, fresh squeezed lemonade, Maine Root sodas, packaged Cape Cod Potato Chips and Whoopie Pies.  This is one of the more expensive food trucks in town.  The Lobster Rolls are $12 each and the Crab Rolls are $11 each and they are not huge, so you are probably going to want at least two.  But they are mighty tasty and, as Ahnold says, I’ll be back!

The best way to find The Lobsta Truck is the weekly schedule posted on their website.

The Lobsta Truck

Lobsta Roll with Mayo

Lobsta Roll with Melted Butter and Cup of Clam Chowder

I love the simple menu

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6 Responses to The Maine Event

  1. Donna Lee

    Wow, Howard…these sound amazing and well worth the time spent in tracking the truck down. Talk about something new and different. Can’t wait to give ’em a try and let you know the out come. Thanks for another great piece of L.A. eateries!

  2. diane chierichetti

    I am really excited about The Lobster Truck info. I had heard about it from husband Paul but did not know that they had lobster rolls. I have my one and only in Maine years ago and continue to lust for another. We even tried to make our own here and while good, not quite the same without that bun. I am going to have one on this, Memorial Weekend. It is fitting.
    You’re the BEST.


  3. Carolyn

    Which was better … mayo or butter?

  4. ConsumingLA

    It’s a close call, but I liked butter the best.

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