The Most Annoying Thing Ever

Halal Guys Koreatown
Life is full of countless irritations, but the most annoying thing of all has to be when you’re standing in line and the person in front of you does not move up enough as the line progresses, leaving a huge gap between themselves and the person in front of them. It’s such a big gap that new people approaching the line are unsure where the line ends and mistakenly attempt to join the line at the gap. Such a slow-moving lollygagger should not be allowed to stand in lines, and certainly not the line at the new Halal Guys in Koreatown.

A popular fast food chain in NYC, The Halal Guys has been recently expanding across the country with its first LA outposts opening in Long Beach and Koreatown. The menu is simple: chicken shawarma, gyro or falafel on rice or wrapped in a pita, and served with The Halal Guys’ famous white sauce or hot sauce. There’s also hummus, tahini, fries, and, for dessert, sweet syrupy triangles of baklava.

Is it good? Yes, but not so good that I recommend standing in the long queues that form outside their doors everyday. The Halal Guys (at least the one in Koreatown) is definitely not long line-worthy.

The Halal Guys is located at 3432 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles (in Koreatown) and 1804 Ximeno Ave in Long Beach.



Beef and Chicken Shawarma Over Rice

Chicken and Gyro Over Rice

Falafel Balls

Falafel Balls

Famous White Sauce

Famous White Sauce


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3 Responses to The Most Annoying Thing Ever

  1. John T. Garcia

    I have the same pet peeve with people in the drive through lines. MOVE UP ALREADY! Close the gap so more people are not blocking the driveway or other businesses. If you value your car that much, park on the other side of the parking lot (making sure to take TWO spaces) and walk up to the business.

  2. NoVictim

    The most annoying thing is just seeing a line of crowd sourced imbeciles waiting on line for some stupid food trend.

  3. Chef Ray

    I share your pain bro…I think people are forgetting manners and common courtesy these days…feel free to connect with me on instagram… @chefandnod247

    ***Nice photos by the way!!!

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