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Foie Gras “PB&J” Served From a Truck

The Vizzi Truck is the gold standard of gourmet food trucks.  I usually refer to the whole new wave of ethnically diverse food trucks as gourmet, but the Vizzi truck truly is gourmet. The menu changes seasonally. The Vizzi’s chef describes his cuisine as the result of taking French cooking techniques and mixing it with coastal flavors from around the globe, and finishing each bite with subtle Pacific flair. I would describe it as the food truck equivalent of Las Vegas’ Wynn and Encore Hotels, which are unique in a strip of over-the-top themed resorts in that they have no specific theme other than pure luxury and sophistication. The truck itself is the grandest of all mobile food vehicles with two flat screen televisions so you can watch movies or sports while you wait for your food.

My favorites on the truck are the Braised Wagyu Beef Sliders (maple-balsamic bbq beef with chimichurri-creme on soft Hawaiin rolls; they also have a great vegetarian version made with organic chickpea “cutlets”), Venison Burger (with maple-dijon aioli, charred sweet onion, queso panela and bacon), and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich (with blu-bacon fondue, carmelized onions, swiss cheese and tomato). All of the foregoing are served on top of Pimento Spiced-Yakima Salt Popcorn. My family also loves the White Truffle Popcorn mixed with sea salt and chopped dried figs. But the piece de resistance is The Foie Gras “PB&J,” a deconstructed sandwich consisting of toasted butter brioche, seared foie gras, homemade almond butter and truffled fig jelly. This playful take on an American classic is spectacular and it’s hard to believe it comes from a food truck. It does, however, come at a high price, literally. At $21, I believe it is the most expensive item I have ever seen sold from a food truck. But I thought it was well worth the price.

The best way to find the Vizzi Truck is the schedule on their website.

Foie Gras "PB&J"

Braised Wagyu Beef Sliders

White Truffle Popcorn

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