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The Wurst is the Best

If you have been to Germany, you have no doubt had Currywurst, sliced sausage in a curry-ketchupy sauce with curry powder sprinkled on top. It’s one of the most popular street foods in Deutschland, and my second favorite after Doner Kabobs. Berlin Currywurst is a tiny new restaurant serving its namesake on the ultra cool strip of West Sunset in Silverlake.

The menu at Berlin Currywurst is a great example of German minimalism; they essentially serve just one dish, Currywurst, although you can get it in a multitude of ways. First you pick your sausage. Choices include Pork Bratwurst, Veal & Pork Bockwurst (which is my favorite), Paprikawurst and various Beef, Chicken and Tofu Wursts. Next you pick the spiciness level of your curry sauce. Finally, you select an added flavor for your curry sauce (the choices are fruity, garlic, jambalaya and chipotle). The Currywurst is served with a tiny wooden fork and two slices of German Farmer’s Bread, which are great for sopping up the extra sauce. The whole plate is pretty small so I recommend getting a double portion or ordering two, which gives you the ability to sample two different combos of sausages and sauces. The only other thing on the menu besides drinks are homemade fries, which are exceptionally good, especially if you order them with minced onions. My only complaint with Berlin Currywurst is they don’t serve beer. Otherwise, I thought it was Wunderbar!

Berlin Currywurst is located at 3827 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles (in Silverlake).

Fritten (Homemade Fries with Minced Onions)

German street food comes to Silverlake!

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