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This Little Place Has Balls

Sunny Blue is a cool little place on Main Street in Santa Monica and the first (and probably only) Omusubi store in Southern California. Omusubi (sometimes called Onigiri) are Japanese rice balls with different fillings and an optional seaweed wrapper; kind of a Japanese version of a sandwich. At Sunny Blue, the omusubi are made to order right in front of you and they are warm and delicious! My favorite is the Beef Miso which is made with grilled onions and homemade organic miso sauce; it is really well seasoned and tasty. The Hijiki Shitake with tofu, carrots and green peas in a soy sauce base is another good choice and also great for vegetarians. Other varieties include Tuna Mayo, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Chicken Takokami, and Shiso Ume (pickled Japanese plum with shiso leaves). The Omusubi are the perfect size for a snack, but unless you’re on a diet, I would recommend ordering at least two if you’re there for lunch or dinner. There are also optional sides including Edamame, Cucumber Sunomono, Daikon Salad and Japanese Pickles. Sunny Blue offers complimentary Barley Tea, which I’m not really a fan of, but it is free. They are also a yogurt shop and have really light and delicious frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors and and with a great array of toppings including some cool Japanese toppings like Azuki Red Beans, Match Green Tea and Japanese Pocky cookies.

Sunny Blue is located at 2728 Main Street in Santa Monica.

Many choices including a few Vegan options

The perfect combination of spices

A variety of side dishes

Chocolate frozen yogurt with corn flakes for dessert!

It's a cute place, but not a lot of seating

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